29/03/2020 - Lithium analysis

Determine lithium and creatinine from a simple finger prick

Medimate testpackage With the Medimate it is possible to measure lithium, creatinine and kidney function from a single finger prick. Due to the ease of use with simple controls and small size, the measurement can be performed at any location by the physician or patient.

With the Medimate it is possible to measure the lithium concentration in blood reliably and accurately. The high accuracy makes it possible to monitor the lithium dosage at home or at the practitioner. In addition the creatinine and kidney function are measured at the same time. This makes it possible to intervene immediately in case of acute kidney damage.

Monitoring the lithium offers the following possibilities

  • Measure immediately in case of uncertainty or suspicion of intoxication
  • Direct result
  • Easier follow up on medication changes
  • Measure at any location
  • Less burdon

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