18/10/2020 - Clinic experiences

Psyfar Marius Reijnen
nurse specialist, GGZE

Marius supported the Fisic Medimate by measuring patients at the clinic and by providing support with various validation studies. Together with Marius an article was published in the magazine PSYFAR.

Marius states: "The Medimate is flexible, safe, reliable, accessible and user-friendly."

Ingrid Knipping
nursing specialist, GGZ Oost Brabant

For her education Ingrid researched the advantages and disadvantages when the Medimate was used by practitioners: “The proposed innovation lowers the burden for the patient and increases patient safety, it increases efficiency and after a few minutes direct action can be taken.

According to the respondents, the main reasons for working with the Medimate are:

  • to measure immediately when an intoxication is suspected
  • immediate results improves patient safety
  • the Medimate is user friendly and easy to use"

Monica Eijkema
nurse specialist, GGZE

Posterprice Monica won the poster prize at the 2019 congress in Verona Italy for her research into the advantages and disadvantages of the Medimate in patients' homes. Monica writes in her thesis: “Self-monitoring provides positive user experiences and insight into the relationship between medication, lithium levels and mood, which makes a positive contribution to self-management."

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