13/07/2021 - Invest in Fisic?

Medimate analysis

Unique opportunity to invest in improving quality of life.

Fisic's Medimate is a unique and patented self-test that helps patients improve their quality of life.

By investing in Fisic, you make it possible for patients to directly measure different blood and urine values ​​at home or at the attending physician. This gives the patient more certainty and control. And even hospital admissions are prevented.

With the Medimate, for example, the lithium level can be measured quickly and easily in patients with a bipolar disorder. This prevents poisoning and serious permanent damage to patients and possibly hospitalization.

Also, patients with total parenteral nutrition at home can directly detect dehydration. This also prevents hospital admissions.

The Medimate has been extensively tested. Also in practice. The measured values ​​have also been validated and various mental health institutions in the Netherlands are now using the Medimate.

However, we want to make the Medimate applicable for urine or blood tests for many more diseases. And accessible to an even larger group of patients. Preferably also as a self-test in their home situation.

To achieve these goals, we are looking for people who will help us realize these ambitions in the Netherlands and internationally by investing € 5,000 in the further development of the Medimate.

For more information about this unique opportunity to invest in improving the quality of life for many patients please contact Steven Staal.