06/12/2021 - Office use Dimence

Physician measurement More and more mental health institutions are testing the effect and benefits of point of care measurements of lithium and creatinine at the physician. In recent weeks, 30 employees from various Dimence locations have followed a training course with the Medimate. During that training it appeared that they expect that measuring with the Medimate will add an extra dimension to their care for a better life for patients with a bipolar disorder. We noted a number of 'take aways' that show this nicely. Like in the short response from Vera Lassche: 'Easy & fast; very patient friendly.

Sharmaine Berghorst indicates 'that multiple checks can be performed more easily and quickly'. One of the reasons to use the Medimate at Dimence. The 'efficiency of work' is mentioned a number of times as well but also the possibility of being able to 'directly anticipate on deviating measurements levels' and that this 'helps to promote treatment compliance'.

Léon Metselaar even explains the relationship between the use of the Medimate and the customer promise of Dimence: 'A tool that hopefully can contribute to the experiencing quality of life, by being able to measure quickly.'

Peter Goossens is hopeful that the Medimate is a valuable addition to the toolbox for interventions'.

“The lithium meter facilitates 'measuring is knowing'!” reports Jos Boer.

And Willemien Zemmelink hopes to gain more experience with this at the outpatient clinic.

This is precisely why the employees at Dimence will now also regularly perform measurements during regular appointments with patients. The call states that they no longer have to go to a seperate laboratory in advance. The advantage for the patient is that they do not have to make a separate extra appointment to have blood drawn..

And an advantage for practitioners and patients. Because it regularly happens that patients have not had a blood sample drawn in advance or that the results only arrive at the outpatient clinic after the appointment. At Dimence, the results can now be discussed within 10 minutes during a regular appointment with a finger prick of blood via the Medimate.

In practice, it has already been shown that the direct discussion of blood values ​​has a positive effect on patient compliance. This is not only a benefit for the patient and her/his immediate environment, but also for practitioners.

Please contact us if you want to now more about the possibilities for physician care.