07/10/2022 - Expert Table

Regularly we organize a webinar where mental health care practitioners/professionals share their experiences about Point-of-Care measurements of lithium and creatinine.

On Wednesday 5 October there was another ‘Expert Tafel’ in which, in addition to Marius Reijnen (Nursing Specialist GGz-Eindhoven), other professionals also discussed with each other.

Always educational and sometimes confrontational Because as a supplier you hope that your product can be used in almost all situations. And that patients and practitioners benefit from the direct feedback that measurement on location makes possible.

That 'advantage' is still there, as is also apparent from the experience at GGzE. A pilot is now running there with the measurement of lithium and creatinine with the Fisic - Medimate during regular consultations. In addition, the Point-of-Care measurements replace two of the four laboratory tests that must be performed according to the treatment protocol.

Because by measuring on location with the Medimate, you can discuss the results directly with the patient within ten minutes after the finger prick has been performed. Discuss any adjustments to the medication and the need for compliance to the treatment with the patient.

But in practice, the finger prick is not applicable to everyone. For some people, it is sometimes a bit more difficult to perform a good finger prick and to obtain a measurement result. In that situation, the Medimate does indicate that the blood is damaged and cannot be measured properly. This does not lead to incorrect measurement values.

You can often prevent this damage by having the patient wash their hands with lukewarm water or give them a cup of coffee or tea before the finger prick. This promotes blood flow. This prevents most error messages, according to the practical experiences that were shared.

Would you like to hear first-hand the experiences of measuring with the Medimate and share yours? Check our webinar information for the date and how to participate.

Not yet familiar with the possibilities of POCT measurements of lithium and creatinine? We would like to invite you to get acquainted with this during the (online) ‘Lunch Tafel Lithium Meting’ (in Dutch) that we organize especially for this purpose.

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