20/12/2022 - Training at Altrecht

Nice end to 2022!

Just before the end of this year, Altrecht GGZ (Utrecht) will start using our Point-of-Care device for the measurement of lithium and creatinine. “A great opportunity to perform a lithium determination more quickly and to adjust the dosage if necessary,” as the participants agreed unanimously at the end of the training we recently performed.

With this training at Altrecht we close a great year. Because with the end of the year in sight, it will also become a bit quieter with us between Christmas and New Year's eve. Although of course, we remain available for questions for users of the Fisic Medimate.

But if you have questions about the possibilities of the Fisic Medimate for use in your mental health institution or for measurements of other blood values, we are also happy to help. Because the healthcare sector always goes on. Our point-of-care measuring equipment can provide relief from your work by performing a blood or urine test within 9 minutes.

We wish you a very happy holiday during your possible services in the coming weeks and at home. And a beautiful and healthy 2023!

Photo:Altrecht training