Lunchtable lithium measurement Dec 8

Measure the blood values ​​of lithium medication and creatinine from a finger prick with the Medimate within 10 minutes and be able to discuss it with the patient. Ingrid Knipping (Nursing Specialist GGZ) shares her experiences with you during this lunch webinar.

For her graduation project of her training as a nurse specialist in mental health care, Ingrid conducted research into the use of the Medimate in practice. She has also gained good experience in directly discussing the results of the measurements with patients. This gives them better insight into the lithium level, patients are more involved in their treatment and they feel less insecure. As a result, adherence to therapy is increasing and many patients are adjusting their behavior around the medication.

During the online lunch table (webinar) that we provide, Ingrid Knipping talks about these and other experiences with lithium measurement on location and its advantages.

Participation is free and can be done on Thursday 8 December from 12.05 to 12.50.

Interested in participating? Then register in advance, so that we can send you the participation link to MS-TEAMS in time. During this lunch table we also like to invite you to ask your questions or discuss with each other. More of a roundtable than a webinar.

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If you are already using the Medimate, you are welcome to participate in the in-depth 'Expert table lithium measurement'.