Webinar Lithium PoCT

For professionals who want to know more about the possibilities and benefits of Point-of-Care measurement of lithium, we organize two different webinars: a first introduction at the lunch table and an in-depth webinar at the expert table.

Lunch table

During this webinar you will become acquainted with the working method, the benefits and possibilities of measuring lithium, creatinine and kidney function on location. This webinar is specially tailored to practitioners who want to know more about this.

Expert table

The Lithium Measurement Expert Table is aimed at sharing experiences by practitioners/professionals who are already familiar with measuring lithium, creatine and kidney function with the Medimate.

During this online lunch session, the users of the various institutions share their daily experiences with the Fisic Medimate.

Interested in participating in one of the two webinars? Sign up via the link below.

I want to participate in a lunch or expert table meeting