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Point of Care Testing

The ageing of the population and its associated effects on the budget and manpower available to the healthcare sector, combined with an increasingly vocal and more demanding patient, requires a different structure for healthcare, whereby the patient himself will (necessarily) play a more important role.

Medimate is convinced that diagnosis should take place as close to the patient as possible. Involving the patient in the set-up of their treatment plan and the monitoring of disease progression will promote patient compliance and boost the effectiveness of the therapy. .

Medimate is committed to the development and supply of in-vitro diagnosis performed where the patient is most comfortable, at home or with the attending doctor or specialist. Medimate is able to do this thanks to its patented Lab-on-a-Chip technology, which in terms of accuracy is barely inferior to traditional laboratory tests. A technology that allows the development of easy to use measuring equipment without complicated calibration procedures.

Medimate Lithium Minilab

One of the first practical applications is the determination of the lithium level in a drop of fingerstick blood. Lithium is the number one medicine for people with bipolar disorder, also referred to as manic depression. Bipolar disorder is a chronic illness and sufferers must take medication for their entire life in order to stabilise their moods. Globally, approximately 1-2% of the population have bipolar disorder, of whom at least 25% have attempted suicide at least once. The global market for patients with bipolar disorder who are treated with lithium is a growing global niche market currently worth an estimated € 300 million per year. Treatment guidelines state that lithium levels must be determined at least 4 x per year initially to limit the risk of lithium poisoning. This is currently done in the laboratory.

There is a great need for a Point of Care lithium test to facilitate more frequent measurement and to enable the optimisation of lithium dosage, especially for unstable patients. The Medimate lithium MiniLab responds to this need and is the first point of care system that is also suitable for use by both the care practitioner and the patient.

Because it is a new application it requires knowledge of the market surrounding psychiatric disorders and a sale would have to be achieved by getting the psychiatrist interested.