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The Medimate MiniLab

The Medimate MiniLab is a mini laboratory with which medical diagnosis is possible anywhere at any time. This way the laboratory can be brought to the patient instead of the other way round: it is no longer necessary that a blood or urine sample is sent to the laboratory and that the result is only received later. For Medimate one drop of blood is enough to get on the spot results within a few minutes. The Medimate MiniLab is suitable for both healthcare providers and the patients themselves.


The Medimate MiniLab contains all the necessary components that are required to take a measurement:

The Mediate Multireader

A meter, the Medimate Multireader, that makes the measuring process possible and saves the measurements with an associated date and time. The Multireader must be connected to mains electricity through an adapter. The Multireader has a display screen and 4 buttons to the right of the screen. Using the top two buttons you can scroll through the menu. When you reach the function that you wish to activate you then press the OK button. When you want to go back to the previous screen you press the return button, the lowest of the buttons.

On the side of the Multireader there is an opening for the insertion of a lab-chip and the option to connect a USB cable. A keyboard or bar-code scanner can be connected via this cable or data can be downloaded to a computer.

The Lab-Chip

The disposable lab-chip to which a drop of blood or urine is applied. For each measurement a new lab-chip is needed. The lab-chip includes a plastic holder in which a glass detection chip is placed. When the holder is opened a sealed tab becomes visible. Under this tab is the opening on which the drop of blood or urine must be placed. Via this opening the droplet comes into contact with the detection chip.

Amongst other things the detection chip contains measuring electrodes and micro-channels with a diameter of 1/5 of the thickness of a hair. After the lab-chip has been inserted into the Multireader an electric field ensures that the various substances in the droplet are pulled into the channels. There they are separated from each other, after which it becomes possible to quantify them. After a few minutes the results will show up on the meter's display screen.

labchip-open labchip-closed
Open lab-chip Closed lab-chip

Various lab-chips Dependent on the type of lab-chip the Medimate Multireader can be used to measure different substances in blood or urine. Thus there are lab-chips available for measuring lithium in blood and sodium in urine. Medimate's Lab-on-a-Chip technology makes it possible to measure a large variety of substances in the future. In this vein the measurement of sodium, potassium and creatinine in both blood and urine are being worked on.

Blood Sampler

To measure lithium a drop of blood is always required. This droplet is easily obtained with the help of a special disposable blood sampler. When this blood sampler is pressed against the finger a mechanism is activated that causes the needle to automatically come out and deliver a prick. In addition this mechanism ensures that the prick does not go too deep. These blood samplers are available with varying needle lengths and thicknesses.

lancet-1 lancet-2
Blood sampler The needle is automatically activated
by pressing the sampler against the finger