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Medimate develops, produces and markets MiniLabs for healthcare professionals, patients and researchers. With this MiniLab, which consists of a measuring device and disposable chips, Medimate offers solutions for situations where the added value of decentralised measurement or self-monitoring of blood concentrations is significant. New, more efficient forms of high quality healthcare are thus within reach. What is important here is that the quality of life of patients is significantly improved. At an early stage in the development of these so-called Point of Care forms of healthcare we consult with the patient. As a result we can seamlessly integrate the offered solutions with the demands of the healthcare system.


In the year 2000 an initiative emerged through contact between psychiatrist Pieternel Kölling and professor Albert van den Berg with the goal of measuring lithium for bipolar patients using Lab-on-a-Chip technology. The research into this technology was concluded in 2005 by Elwin Vrouwe. His thesis was the basis of the company Medimate that was set up in 2006 by Steven Staal and Arjan Floris. In 2014 the company has a difficult period leading to a continuation in 2015 under the name CE-Mate by Steven Staal.


Medimate engages in 3 activities:

  • R&D, development of sensors for various substances
  • Production of lab chips and measuring devices
  • Marketing & Sales of the products