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Mission & Vision


Medimate contributes to better quality of life by means of innovative solutions based on Lab-on-a-Chip technology. Solutions that make it possible to quickly, simply and accurately measure, register and communicate on location. Measurements on the basis of which careful and optimal choices can be made concerning healthcare and treatment of people, animals and environment.


Increasing global prosperity is putting more and more strain on limited resources, which means we must be careful how we make use of them if we want a good quality of life to be possible. For this reason it is important to handle people, animals and the environment carefully. Our vision is that innovative Lab-on-a-chip technologies can offer breakthroughs to rapidly collect more accurate data everywhere, through which more insight can be gained into the effects, progress and consequences of various processes and timely management is made possible. This is only possible if the products cater for the needs of the practical world and offer correct and relevant information. The realisation of these breakthroughs demands a flexible and decisive organisation. An organisation that does not stand alone but is part of a carefully built up and nurtured network of experts, suppliers, clients, healthcare providers and partners. A flexible network of parties that share with each other the drive to want to work in an innovative and relevant manner, and amongst whom the outlook reaches further than just beyond the horizon.

Core Values:

  • Innovation: leads to surprising solutions: anything is possible!
  • Ambition and drive: commitment and courage are needed for success. We have the courage, guts and knowledge to realise the goals we set for ourselves!
  • Relevance: we choose to develop solutions that add value, both material and immaterial
  • Honest and sincere: people come first, whether they are employees, clients or suppliers, and we take care of them
  • Inspiration: we want our products and working methods to inspire people to take care of themselves and each other, by offering products that help to facilitate that.