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01/06/2017 - Measuring lithium and creatinine

Self-test implementation with E-Care at GGZ (mental health care)


Interreg CrossCare project: implementation of an electrophoresis self-test with E-Care at GGZ

CE-Mate has joined a new Interreg project, 'CrossCare,' aiming to use the Medimate MiniLab to improve quality of life for patients living with bipolar disorder. The project is a collaboration with two Flemish experimental gardens, InnovAge and LiCalab; a Dutch experimental garden, Brainport Healthy Living Lab; and also involves the healthcare organizations Z.Org, OPZ Geel, GGzE, and Diagnostiek voor U.

In recent years, CE-Mate has been developing the Medimate MiniLab for routine lithium self-test measurements, and in 2017 has extended this to both lithium and creatinine blood levels from a single finger prick. Within the CrossCare project, the Medimate self-test system will be validated by bi-polar patients and a blended-care program will be developed and evaluated in practice.

The blended-care program, including a website and mobile app, must provide well-founded advice. To do this, the self-test results must be logged and shared with both the user and the healthcare professional(s). During the CrossCare project, different user scenarios will be evaluated, including self-test measurements under the psychiatrist’s supervision, during ambulatory care, and self-tests by the patients in their own home.

This project is funded within the Interreg V program Flanders-Netherlands, a cross-border cooperation program with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund. For more information, please visit: www.grensregio.eu.