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10/12/2018 - LiZe-project begins in Leuven

As part of the Interreg CrossCare project, the LiZe (Lithium Self-Test) project has begun in Leuven, Belgium. A training session was organized for 12 healthcare professionals from Z.Org, the University Psychiatric Center of KU Leuven. During this session, they were taught how the Medimate MiniLab operates and how to use it in practice.

In the coming weeks, 100 self-test measurements will be carried out in different departments of Z.Org. Feedback from these initial user experiences will be collected to identify points for improvement and further consultation with healthcare professionals will be used to determine how the Medimate MiniLab can be embedded even more effectively in the psychiatric center.

Based on this feedback, we will also be evaluating the design of the MiniLab user interface and investigating the development of a quick reference card to help guide users through the self-test.

Lize_Leuven Source: Innovage.be