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Check your sodium level

A good insight into and control over the amount of sodium that is taken in daily is important for the treatment of hypertension, kidney failure and cardiovascular disease. A lot of progress can be made through changes in diet. With the Medimate sodium MiniLab people can determine for themselves how much sodium they are taking in with their food, whereby regular measurement becomes possible and the direct feedback acts as an impetus to persevere with changes in diet.

The average daily consumption of salt by a member of the Dutch public is approximately 10 grams per day, whilst 1 gram per day is sufficient for basic bodily functions. The WHO recommends 5-6 grams per day. Intervention studies have shown that reducing the 10 grams of salt intake by 25% lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease by 25%. Additionally the reduction in salt intake also has a positive effect on the effectiveness of drug therapy. It has also been shown that good control of sodium balance can have tremendous results where drug therapy fails. The Medimate sodium MiniLab can be a valuable tool in facilitating this change in diet.